A personal favourite from my Etsy shop

I just love this set and if I didn’t already have something almost exactly the same then I wouldn’t be selling it. With Christmas round the corner it’s perfect for some midcentury vintage festive ┬ástyling.





Making decisions


imageSometimes things happen and it kinda takes things out of your hands and you have to run with it and hope for the best. In January I fell over (no alcohol involved) and I landed on my knees in a twisted heap.

My knees were pretty badly damaged and I was on crutches for quite a while, the basic short story is I need new knees, but I’m too young. My knees were buggered before, and now they seem so much worse. It means carrying anything heavy even shopping bags causes a lot of pain. I hadn’t been in my little bricks and mortar shop for months although obviously still paying for it.

With a nudge from the guy who owned my shop/workshop (he had people interested in it) I decided to let it go. Weirdly I had very mixed feelings about it, sadness as I loved being in there even though I hadn’t been there hardly at all over the months, to relief at making a decision to move forwards. the knock on effect has been my creative output one way or another has gone through the roof.

Edith and Alice the bricks and mortar shop has moved into my garden summerhouse all be it impossibly cramped at the moment and my online presence in my etsy shop has grown.

For me I need to clear out the garage of the furniture from the shop so I can put back my lovely old VW bug in his home and then I shall finally feel relaxed.

For the first time in months…

It’s been months since I’ve been able to get out in the garden to try and tidy it up. My lawn is still spongey to walk on and there’s more moss than grass, it will be a few more months I recon before I’ll be able to mow it!
I need to plan a trip to the dump, there’s so much that needs to be cleared out to make it a nice place to be. Sadly we’ve lost 2 rabbits in this time and today I’m attempting to put the remaining pairs together. This will mean they get to live in the bunny palace and the other hutch and run can go, leaving more room for garden chairs and table.
The summerhouse I acquired and put up in October will be my little work in progress project. Some where to sew and make in the peacefulness of the garden. I want to do cream teas too in the garden, a little oasis of old fashioned loveliness.
So for the first time in months I feel positive, I feel like I need to get my living space to how I want it to be to feel calm and relaxed. 


A new venture…

Me and the dude are moving into new premises. Edith and Alice will be opening up soon in #stagnes #cornwall. We’ll be selling vintage, preloved treasures and #handmade things, made in the #oldways. I cleaned up my 1901 singer sewing machine and have been using it for my latest projects. I’ll be #handdarning #olddenim, and mending #oldfavourites. #edithandalice are my gran and nan and the shop will be about what they loved and how they lived.


Rescued rabbits need forever loving homes!




These 3 little beauties were found running around our estate. Been with us for 2 weeks and no ones come forward. I find it truly heartbreaking to think someone has dumped these 3 little bunnies and what makes it even worse is it looks like one of the females is expecting any day, the nest is built. Trying to find homes for them. I already have 3 of my own, so another 3, plus babies will be more than a few too many for them to get the attention they need. If you live in cornwall, want to rescue a rabbit let me know.

#rescuerabbits #rabbits #cornwall