New premises or not…

Hmmm, how much of a risk is worth taking.

Having started up a small business and finding restrictions are hampering our progress do we stay put and stay hampered or do we move on and take a financial risk? Do we believe in what we are doing disproportionately when it comes to taking said risk because we so very much want the business to succeed, not out of financial greed but from a love of what we do.

It’s really hard to go with your gut instincts when the finance involved, if we can get it, looms over the need for the business to be financially successful. I guess that’s where the whole risk taking gets involved.

Hmmm, so how much of a risk is worth taking…image


Pondering a close…

It’s been just over a week now since Chops died and still I’m in what can only be determined denial.

The funeral is Friday and the thought of being in the same place as him is mildly comforting, as well as wholly distressing as it will be final. It’s the end of an era, things really will not be the same in St Agnes.

Mary (his wife) will need to adjust without his huge larger than life personality as a constant in her life. His boys will also have to adjust to the lack of Chops self opinionated advice, which I must add is pretty much spot on how ever much you loath to admit it. I for one will have to find another way forward without his business advice, which at this point in time was a real comfort to hear his matter of fact opinions.

There’s no dead wood with Chops everything was always an observation backed up with years of experience. No flowery poncing things up. I for one appreciated that.

Everyone of us that is missing him terribly is missing a variety of facets of a truly wonderful human being. Whatever he did he did it with conviction and a passion second to none. There was, and still is much love for this man and each and everyone of us will carry him in our hearts.

I still don’t know that I can say goodbye, and maybe we don’t have too, the stories we tell each other show sides of him we may of never known, so he still enriches our lives without being a man of flesh and bone.

So I look forward to Friday for the celebration of his short 60 emensely full years, and the privilege of sharing the day with Mary and the boys along with all of us who he reached out to and left us branded with his love and affection, be it tough at times.

So my friend make sure you’re making the most of the other side in the same ferocious and happy way you tackled life here.

Chapel Porth, St Agnes, Cornwall.

Chapel Porth, St Agnes, Cornwall.