For the first time in months…

It’s been months since I’ve been able to get out in the garden to try and tidy it up. My lawn is still spongey to walk on and there’s more moss than grass, it will be a few more months I recon before I’ll be able to mow it!
I need to plan a trip to the dump, there’s so much that needs to be cleared out to make it a nice place to be. Sadly we’ve lost 2 rabbits in this time and today I’m attempting to put the remaining pairs together. This will mean they get to live in the bunny palace and the other hutch and run can go, leaving more room for garden chairs and table.
The summerhouse I acquired and put up in October will be my little work in progress project. Some where to sew and make in the peacefulness of the garden. I want to do cream teas too in the garden, a little oasis of old fashioned loveliness.
So for the first time in months I feel positive, I feel like I need to get my living space to how I want it to be to feel calm and relaxed.