A new venture…

Me and the dude are moving into new premises. Edith and Alice will be opening up soon in #stagnes #cornwall. We’ll be selling vintage, preloved treasures and #handmade things, made in the #oldways. I cleaned up my 1901 singer sewing machine and have been using it for my latest projects. I’ll be #handdarning #olddenim, and mending #oldfavourites. #edithandalice are my gran and nan and the shop will be about what they loved and how they lived.



Stan earns a wash and polish


My hansom ol beetle has done me proud. He’s driven from Cornwall to London without missing a heart beat.

Stan is a lovely 1972 1200 beetle, not the speediest of cars, but definitely very steadfast. And for his trustworthy and steadfast manor I decided to give him a wash and polish, and doesn’t he look good!

My little figurines

My little figurines

These little beauties I found sorting out some boxes which I hadn’t sorted for 3 moves (shamefully near on 9 years).

I’ve had these since I was a little girl and they must be around 40yrs old. They will now go in pride of place on the g-plan. I still love bunnies and I still love baby blue.

It’s weird how something can reaffirm who you are in the simplest of ways. Of late I’ve almost lost sight of who I am. These little figures have brought me back round to myself.

Sitting here writing this I can feel all the things alien to me melting away. It’s good to get back to who I am.