Making decisions


imageSometimes things happen and it kinda takes things out of your hands and you have to run with it and hope for the best. In January I fell over (no alcohol involved) and I landed on my knees in a twisted heap.

My knees were pretty badly damaged and I was on crutches for quite a while, the basic short story is I need new knees, but I’m too young. My knees were buggered before, and now they seem so much worse. It means carrying anything heavy even shopping bags causes a lot of pain. I hadn’t been in my little bricks and mortar shop for months although obviously still paying for it.

With a nudge from the guy who owned my shop/workshop (he had people interested in it) I decided to let it go. Weirdly I had very mixed feelings about it, sadness as I loved being in there even though I hadn’t been there hardly at all over the months, to relief at making a decision to move forwards. the knock on effect has been my creative output one way or another has gone through the roof.

Edith and Alice the bricks and mortar shop has moved into my garden summerhouse all be it impossibly cramped at the moment and my online presence in my etsy shop has grown.

For me I need to clear out the garage of the furniture from the shop so I can put back my lovely old VW bug in his home and then I shall finally feel relaxed.


Stan earns a wash and polish


My hansom ol beetle has done me proud. He’s driven from Cornwall to London without missing a heart beat.

Stan is a lovely 1972 1200 beetle, not the speediest of cars, but definitely very steadfast. And for his trustworthy and steadfast manor I decided to give him a wash and polish, and doesn’t he look good!